Self-Adhesive Mosaic Tile Wall Sticker

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* Material : Aluminum File, Epoxy Resin, AND PET.

* Size : 25.4cm X 25.4cm (10" X 10"inch) / Sheet 

* Install : Sticker (Removable)

* Style : 3D Tile


These tile stickers have a 3D effect that feels like shiny glass tile. Also, the stickers are stronger against fire versus normal PVC products. Additionally, they can be applied on the curved surface and angled surface. Furthermore, you can cut them to suit your preferred shape.

- Easy & Flexible Installation

- No specific tools are required.

- It is sticker product, so that you can attach and detach multiple times.

- Just clean it with wet towel if it gets dirty.

- Aluminium Foil Processing

- No harmful component: Phthalate-free, Dioxin-free, Cadmium-free, Mercury-free.

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