Beautiful Me in 2018

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Are you ready to change your life and embrace a new, happier, healthier you? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, fad exercises that leave you feeling sore and bad about your body? Practices that focus solely on dropped pounds and waist measurements without any care for a healthy mind or soul?

If you said yes, then the Ritzy Gypsy’s new holistic fitness program, Beautiful Me in 2018, is the right program for you! Give yourself the new years gift of self-love and a clear mind, while keeping yourself trim and fit.

Not just a quick-fix new years resolution, this series begins January 8th, 2018 after the Dream Board/Visioning class on January 4th at her studio. For those living abroad, online access is available.

Beautiful Me in 2018 consists of six weeks worth of classes focused on building self-esteem, mindfulness practices, healthy exercise and eating. With access to daily motivation from the Gypsy herself and easy accountability practices to make sure you’re staying in shape, and in love with yourself! For only $30.00 USD, you’ll gain access to this awesome program, with courses including:

-- Mindful eating choices for healthy bodies and minds
-- Mindfulness in accomplishing our day to day goals
-- Finding joy in the everyday!
-- Doing less in order to accomplish more.
-- Creating a habit of paying it forward

Besides the courses themselves, there are many added benefits to this program, at no extra cost to you!

-- PDF cookbook of Eli Kaiser and Molly Warner
-- Daily Motivations
-- Work out Videos (including both the Gypsy and some of her hand-picked favorites)
-- A few surprises.
-- Healthy tidbits to incorporate into your day
-- A simple self-accountability system
-- Prizes awarded to individuals and groups!

This program is ideal both for locals in Belgium and for friends and family living abroad. With both local and online classes, you can tailor this program to meet your needs and access the coursework from anywhere!

Tell some friends and gather together an accountability group for this six-week holistic health program. Six weeks is a short but jam-packed investment into your health, your happiness, and creating a beautiful life in 2018!

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