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Beautiful Me in 2018

Are you ready to change your life and embrace a new, happier, healthier you? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, fad exercises that leave you feeling sore and bad about your body? Practices that focus solely on dropped pounds and waist measurements without any care for a healthy mind or soul? If you said yes, then the Ritzy Gypsy’s new holistic fitness program, Beautiful Me in 2018, is the right program for you! Give yourself the new years gift of self-love and a clear mind, while keeping yourself trim and fit. Not just a quick-fix new years resolution, this series...

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I am super excited to announce: Ritzy Gypsy’s Design Studio is expanding to become a teahouse and art haven! Come design and create with me as we open our doors to all those in need of nourishment and inspiration. Art supplies will be available for a small donation to cover cost of use, and there will be many events ahead in this inspirational hub to set your creative spark on fire! As of: Friday, December 22 we are officially open for all your art and design needs! The tea is brewing, the kombucha is lively, and a variety of treats...

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Stay Tuned...

Recently returned from a yoga retreat, the Gypsy’s creative juices have been FLOWING like never before. I can’t wait to let you all know the big news I’ve got coming up! In just two days, we’ll be announcing a huge new addition to the RG empire, as well as a life-changing new program, upcoming classes and events series, and more. Keep your eyes on this page as we sparkle our way into a big new year!

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Exciting News Coming Soon!!!

The Gypsy’s back from another one of her travels, and let me tell you, a lot has happened since we last spoke!    I’ve been hard at work updating my catalogue, sourcing, repurposing, and creating new and unique pieces for your home and office. That barely leaves any time in the day to update the website and keep you lovelies updated on all my new and wonderful finds! So, I’ve worked a little magic and added some team members to my caravan who will be helping me to keep you all abreast of the wonderful things coming soon to my...

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Happy Shopping!

Welcome to my new website! It's not perfect yet and I still have a ton of items to list, but one must start somewhere, right?!?!? Please check back often as I find, design, and paint new pieces weekly! :) Also, any feedback is appreciated. Let me know what your favorite piece is.  Have a wonderful day! 

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